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25 February 2018 - Show Prep!
Scheduled: How to get your plants ready for the show AND last minute items.
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden

24, 25 March 2018 - Annual Show & Sale
Scheduled: Tours, programs, talks, vendors.
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden

Admission to Cleveland Botanical Garden required.
No credit cards for plant sales, checks or cash only.

15 April 2018 - Hypertufa Demonstration & Show Wrap Up
Speaker: Kathy Smith
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden

3 June 2018 - Pest Problems--Disease!
Speaker: Tim Malinich
Location: Windswept In Time, 8066 Skyline Dr, Broadview Hts

No Meetings July and August
Have a nice Summer!

Meetings Resume:

16 September 2018 - TBD
Speaker: TBD
Location: Klyn Nursery

Plant of the month:

October 2018 - Basic and Advanced Watering
Speaker: Zoltan Onutz
Location: Cleveland Botanical

18 November 2018 - Pest Problems--Disease!
Speaker: TBD
Location: Cleveland Botanical

Plant of the month:

December 2018 - Annual Christmas Party
Members and guests.
Location: TBD

Meetings You Missed!

19 November 2017- CSSA Tour Highlights
Speaker: Conference attendees
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden

17 December 2017 - Christmas Party and Meeting
Closed Meeting; Current MWCSS members only

Speaker: Bill Hendricks

21 January 2018 - Club History
Speaker: Bill Hendricks
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden

15 October 2017- Photosythsis, Lights and Lighting
Speakers: Bob Raak, Tim Malinich
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden
Combined meeting with Indoor Light Society

17 September 2017- Cacti of Chile and Argentina
Speaker: Curt Hanson
Location: Klyn Nursery

17 June 2017 - Club Tour, Groovy Plants Ranch
In conjunction with Columbus club.

7 May 2017 - Opuntias

Sean Diamond

9 April, 2017 - Propagation
Panel Discussion and show report.

22 January, 2017 - Great Destinations, 2016
Christie and Mike Briggs

16 October, 2016 - Transitioning Plants to Indoors
Member Led Panel Discussion about moving the plants indoors.

18 September, 2016 - Anacamseors to Zebras
A South African Experience
Combined meeting with Columbus & Pittsburgh

17 April, 2016 - Argentina, Patterns in Nature
Curt Hanson will go over his work in Argentina.

15 May, 2016 - Sonoran Desert
Video presentation: Sanoran Desert

17 January, 2016 - Growing Plants From Seed
Presentation by Tim Malinich, Bill Hendricks. A repeat of the program from 2011

20 November, 2016 - Dealing with Pests & Disease
Tim Malinich - a look at common problems with cacti & succulents.

December, 2016 - Annual Christmas Party!
Canceled due to snow!

Latvia and Estonia, Bill Hendricks
Location - Hehn Mansion

13 December 2015 - Annual Christmas Party
Dutch & English Conifer Society Trip; presentaion by Bill Hendricks

17 May, 2015 - Summering Plants
Cacti and succulent care in the summer.

18 January, 2015 - Record Keeping
Location - Cleveland Botanical Garden

18 November, 2012 - Club Library
Even seasoned members don't know the extent of our library resources; we'll find out what is available from Bill.

21 October, 2012 - Overwintering Plants
Some members have greenhouse, others lights, still others windowsills; how do your plant spend the winter? Panel Discussion.

10 June, 2012 - Botanical Terms
Panel discussion where everyone can share their wisdom & experience.

20 May, 2012 - Water & Fertilizer
Panel discussion where everyone can share their wisdom & experience.

15 April, 2012 - Soil Mixes & Pots
Panel discussion where everyone can share their wisdom & experience.

19 February, 2012 - Photography
Doug B. will share tips and tricks for taking that one fantastic shot!

15 January, 2012 - Scotland pt. 2
Bill will continue coverage of his Scotland trip.

17 April, 2011 - Transplanting
Beverly leads the discussion on how to successfully transplant hard-to-handle cacti and succulents.

16 January, 2011 - Growing Plants From Seed
Bill Hendricks of Klyn Nursery

Monthly meetings cover a wide range of topics, from individual groups of plants to care and maintenance of cacti and succulents.

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This meeting covered the prickly topic of how to transplant cacti. It was filled with plenty of helpful pointers.

transplanting a cactus

Here, Bill is discussing variegated Haworthia.

presentation at January meeting

One of the plants brought in to talk about at the meeting.

plant brought to january meeting


One of the collections at the annual show. Fourteen members exhibited their plants at this event (2013 show).

Exhibitors and growers have plants for sale at the annual show.

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